Virtual Care

Interact with a General Practitioner in real-time

Through the use of technology Allegra enables nursing practitioners, pharmacists and other healthcare providers to provide healthcare services while consulting with a GP. This software allows a healthcare provider to interact with a general practitioner in real-time to assist patients that would traditionally have required a referral.

VirtualCare consultations can be offered to patients in real time in communities with limited access to GP’s and other medical specialists. The VirtualCare service is accessible to Healthcare providers, Nursing Practitioners and Pharmacists that make use of the Allegra Practice Management solution.

Virtual Care Inforgraphic.

The Benefits:

For the healthcare funder:

  • Affordable healthcare to members.
  • Improved access to healthcare.
  • Improved compliance to care regimes.

For the patient:

  • Increased access to a GP consultation in areas where skills are scarce.
  • Reduced consultation fees.
  • Convenience.

For the healthcare provider:

  • Immediate access to a “second” opinion.
  • Empowering Pharmacists and Nursing practitioners to provide a wider range of services.
  • Increased income potential.
  • Increased in-pharmacy generated prescriptions.