Allegra Connect

Health Information Exchange

Health Information Exchange provides the capability to electronically move clinical information and financial data among different health care information systems.

Allegra Connect is a health information exchange solution and was the first entity to successfully introduce real-time medical funder claiming in the South African, Botswana, eSwatini and Namibian markets respectively. This solution caters for financial as well as clinical information required when switching/submitting and or claiming. In Pharmacies across these SADC regions mentioned, this financial electronic data exchange is well known as- Interpharm. In Non-Pharmacies our product is known as Allegra Connect.

The Allegra Connect –Health Information Exchange concept was established more than 20 years ago and is designed to provide one integrated, customisable business platform that enables seamless integration between healthcare stakeholders including healthcare providers, practice management application vendors (PMA’s) and funders.

The Allegra Connect Business Model was designed to remove the complexity of switching claims by removing the need to duplicate the Administrator and Managed Health Care functions within the switch itself.

With an impeccable track record, serving the industry since 1994, Interpharm has a significant footprint in the electronic data transfer market:

Our current footprint connects:

  • More than 8500 healthcare providers.
  • Over 30 practice management software vendors.
  • 58 medical disciplines.
  • 40 Medical Schemes in 4 countries.

The following best practices are key contributors to the success of our solution:

  • Best of breed IT Infrastructure and Development Platforms.
  • State of the art Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Facilities.
  • A holistic focus on risk management.
  • Adherence to strict corporate governance guidelines.

The product features include:

  • Electronic data interface processing in excess of 30 million transactions per annum.
  • Quote and claim functionality.
  • Membership and benefit confirmation.
  • Electronic payment reconciliation.
  • Submission of electronic claims without practice management software (Web based).
  • Automated member profile updates.
  • Upfront data validation.

Clinical Data Switching

Allegra WellScreen

Allegra WellScreen is a software solution that has the ability to do a benefit check as well as a validation of the patient at the point of care. This reduces the financial risk to the service provider.

While the patient’s health risk is communicated through this real time electronic data interchange, medical aid members funders and or employer groups also receive a consolidated health report.

  • Allows real-time validation of the patient’s funder membership information. This functionality results in a valid transaction between the service provider and the funder. The service providers can then complete the consultation, with minimal financial risk.
  • Receive integrated health risk report at point of care in real-time.
  • Wellscreen enables service providers to have access to crucial information, at the point of prescribing, which can enable them to select a medication that is both effective for the patient’s condition and affordable.

Healthcare funders gain access to the South African pharmacy network via Interpharm. In Namibia, Botswana and eSwatini the AllegraConnect network includes all healthcare service providers.

The product features include:

  • Real-time benefit information available at point of care (pharmacy) encourages compliance.
  • Member-specific actionable drug benefit information across many points of care enabling the service provider to choose the most appropriate and affordable therapy and increase member engagement and satisfaction with their care.
  • The patient’s health risk assessment data can be data mined for further predictive analysis and risk stratification reporting as well as for intervention by a beneficiary risk management programmes.

Current clients using WellScreen:

  • Aditya Birla (India)
  • Biokineticists
  • Bonitas
  • Discovery Vitality
  • Fedhealth
  • Gems
  • Medshield
  • Momentum Multiply
  • Polmed
  • Sanlam Reality
  • Sasolmed

While this solution is available in a pharmacy clinic we also have a solution available for wellness days.

The Wellness day software solution has been created to offer features to manage the variables that make co-ordination of wellness events difficult e.g. different venues, over many days and with many service providers contributing data for the same event. Our solution provides features to set up events with date timelines, create certain event points and has a real-time financial claiming process included.

Allegra WellScreen Solution is currently operational in over 800 sites in South Africa, Namibia and India, giving access to over 8 million members.