Efficient Management of Multi-branch Pharmacy Groups

Developed from a pharmacist’s perspective, and years of experience in patient care solutions CarePro assists in the efficient management of multi-branch pharmacy groups, keeping processes consistent, inventories low and profitability high.

CarePro enables dispensing precision by delivering timely, patient-specific information at the point of care, increasing the number of repeat prescriptions filled and decreasing the time pharmacists spend on administrative processes related to pricing and medical aid remittances. CarePro streamlines dispensing, procurement, financial and other operational procedures on one easy to operate platform. It reduces multi-branch complexities by optimising workflows and automates repetitive functions currently performed by pharmacists.

Through technology and automation CarePro liberates staff to care for patients and allows pharmacists to practice pharmaceutical care profitably. This solution enables the pharmacist to offer an enhanced service that adds to their bottom line all on one platform.

The product features include:

  • Multi-branch, patient focused pharmaceutical care.
  • Scheduling and management of chronic medication - a major benefit to the independent pharmacist that needs to manage cash flow carefully, especially over holiday seasons.

  • Centralised management of:
    • Financial risk
    • Electronic remittance advise reconciliation 
    • Gross profit (promotions, mark-ups and categories)
    • Procurement
    • Client relationships
      • Appointments
      • SMS
      • E-mail
      • Communication
  • Touch screen Point of sale, Financial Management system (including debtors and creditors management), procurement management and management reporting.

Integrated with Primary care, PCDT and wellness management solutions make CarePro a crucial system to prepare a pharmacy for the future.